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Postales desde el Limbo

The amount of the work/s you create or buy is destined to raise funds for a charitable purpose: Centro de Solidaridad de Zaragoza – Proyecto Hombre (more than 30 years helping to rehabilitate people with addiction problems)

The grace and the special interest of Postales desde el Limbo lies in the fact that the person who buys does not know whose work he/she is acquiring. He/she will only be carried away by the fascination that it exerts on him/her, being lucky enough to be able to buy original work that he/she likes, whether it is by a leading figure or a new artist. Only after acquiring the work will he/she know which artist or artists it is.

Last edition we have 835 artists from 35 different countries and we raised more than 20.000€

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Do you want to participate as an artist?

Postales desde el Limbo is an postcard format art exhibition, to raise funds for a charitable purpose.

Join the #PostalesLimbo family if you are a visual artist, illustrator, graphic designer, industrial or fashion designer, sculptor, photographer or you think you can say something with a postcard, as simple or complex as you want. The theme and technique (collage, digital, photography, mixed media, flat, volumetric… ) is free.

The only artistic limitation is the 13×18 cm support provided by the organization.

In each edition of Postales desde el Limbo a large number of artists participate (820 in 2023). We would love to count you among them!

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Postales desde el Limbo
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A place where the souls rest waiting for the creator to decide their destiny.


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